Since our establishment in 2000 as a provider of high quality industrial O.E.M. components, we have experienced strong growth by developing long term, close relationships with our customers. We work hard at developing these relationships by providing our customers, many of which are large multi-national businesses, with service and products meeting their expectations of quality, price and delivery.

  Our business philosophy is based on our complete commitment to quality in all aspects of our business processes. We strive to provide our customers with outstanding service, high quality products engineered and manufactured to consistently meet their expectations, while maintaining competitive pricing and delivering those products on-time. From the time that we entertain a request for quotation to the time that the finished product or component is delivered to the end user, we take personal ownership of responsibility that what we are providing is nothing less that which we would expect to use for our own personal purposes.

  As part of our business process, we may frequently offer suggestions and provide engineering recommendations, and if needed, engineering support, to help improve the quality, performance and cost of the product.

  In summary, JDW Industrial Co., Ltd. is a total service organization committed to our customer needs.